Communicate Directly With Source

Hello Unity Friends and Family,
“Communicate Directly With Source”

Way back when (before there was a Unity Movement), Unity’s cofounder Charles Fillmore saw people around him having healings as a result of affirmative prayer.  He wanted in on the action but didn’t quite believe it was possible, even though he was witnessing it happening right in his own home.  How many of us have asked the question of whether something happened as a result of faith or coincidence?
What Charles decided to do was ask around of other teachers and ministers to see what they had to say.  What happened was every teacher had something different to say.  He came to the realization, “In all of this noise, either I can communicate directly with Source or the whole thing is a fraud.”
He began to sit quietly each evening and think of some pleasant thing.  He thought of an event or a concept such as Love or Joy.  What he found was that after a few months not much happened… except that he felt more peaceful and energetic.  (Sometimes we negate things like that.)  He felt that was enough to keep up the practice and let go of the need for a dramatic transition.  One day he was closing a real estate deal and remembered that he had dreamt the entire event from start to finish the night before.  That was his “aha” of his connection with the Invisible Presence.  From that day on he was committed to the pursuit of Truth as well as the practice and passing along of the Truth Teachings.  He knew that he must continue to experience the connection for himself if he were to be a believer.

It is the same for all of us.  If we are to believe God, we must experience it for ourselves.  We can know all about our teachings and we can witness it in others, but until we, in some way, have it ourselves, we will be standing on the outside looking in.

I encourage all of us to either start or continue in our focus of Oneness with our Divine Source so that we may KNOW for ourselves just how powerful IT is and therefore WE ARE.
Here’s to the willingness TO KNOW,